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Water and Waste Water
 Water Supply Treatment & Distribution Machinery & Equipment  Water Consultancy
 Water Extraction  Effluent Treatment
 Macro Water Management  Pumps, Valves, Compressors & FittingS
 Water Conservation  Desiltation
 Rain Water Harvesting  Filtration Systems
 Waste-Water Management & Recycling  Instrumentation & Process Control
Solid Waste Management and Recycling
 Collection Treatment, Storage, Transportation and Disposal of Municipal, Industrial, Hazardous and Bio-Medical Waste  Composting, Incineration/Combustion
 Waste recycling  Fly Ash and Slurry Recycling and Management
 Waste-to-Energy  Landfill Management
 Plastic-to-fuel  e-Waste Management
 Bio-methanation  Waste Consultancy
Cleaning Technologies and Conservanc
 Assets and Facility Management  Brushes, Mops and Scrubbers
 Conservancy, Public Hygiene & Sanitation  Cleaning Equipment
  Road Sweepers  Clean Air Monitoring
 Pest Control & Pesticides Service  Clean Room Technologies
 Wash room and Hygiene Products  Air Cooling Systems/Technologies
 Detergents, Soaps & Chemicals  Ozonizers
Environment, Pollution Control and Sustainability
 Environmental Protection & Pollution   Control Measuring Equipment & Systems  Green Building Equipment/Materials
 Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources, Solar and Wind etc.  Air Conditioning and Cooling Towers
 Carbon Credits  Landscaping
 Eco-Tourism  Environment Friendly Products
 Environmental Education  Bio-Fuels / Alternative Fuels
 Radiation Protection  Eco Friendly Transport Vehicles
 National, International and Non-Profit Organisations for Environmental Protection  Compostirg
Urban Infrastructure Development
 Infrastructure Development for Airports, Roads, Bridges  Distribution of Power, Telecom, Gas and Energy
 SEZs, Business & Industrial Parks  National and Multilatera
 Public Amenities like Parks, Gardens, Playgrounds, Toilets, Markets, Shopping Complexes  Urban Development and Funding Agencies
  Electricity and Lighting of Roads, Public Areas  Financial Institutions
Safety, Security and Disaster Management
 Fire Prevention, Protection & Rescue Equipment  Policing & Crime Prevention
 Disaster Control and Management  Insurance & Loss Prevention
 Crisis Prevention and Management  Anti Terrorism Equipment & Services
 Natural Calamity Mitigation  Audio & Video Surveillance Equipment
 Riot, Vanadalism and Unrest Control  Fire & Smoke Safety
 Public Security  
Urban Transportation and Traffic
 Mass Rapid and Multi-Modal Transport  Road Markings and Signages
 Bus & Rail Systems  Street Furniture and Lighting
 Traffic Control, Information and Management Systems  Parking Solutions
 Fare and Toll Systems  Road Construction & Maintenance
 Road Safety and Guidance  
Urban e-governance and IT Solutions
 Software, Hardware and Services  e-Commerce and e-Payment
 GIS/GPS Solutions  ERP Solutions
Wate - to - energy Sectors
 Information plant of MSW for ppower generate   Biomass to energy
 ------  Landfill Gas
Construction and Building Technologies
 Building, Construction & Infrastructure Development Technologies Machinery, Equipment and Material  Scaffolding and Tools
 Architectural Products and Services  Low-Cost Building Material and Products
 Escalators and Elevators   Architecture and Town Planning
 Pipes, Plumbing Materials, Waterproofing  Restoration of buildings
 Green building  Surveying Equipment
Urban Built Environment
 Residential, Commercial & Retail Real Estate  Affordable Housing
 Integrated Townships | Business Parks  Rental Housing
 Industrial Parks  Real Estate Consultants
 IT Parks | SEZs  State Government Residential / Commercial Projects
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