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Call for Technical Paper and Case Studies For IconSWM 2021
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Conference Agenda for Papers on Research, Case study & Implementation

# R&D :
• Research, Technology & Emerging Innovations, Low Carbon SWM
• New Technology, Machinery, Equipment, Processes and its Management. Materials Development by Recycling. • Nano Technology applied to Waste Treatment.

# Policy & Support :
• Policy, Legal, 3Rs, Circular Economy, Sustainable Development Goals..
• Municipal Governance, Climate Mitigation, Environment Protection

# COVID-19 :
• COVID-19: Bio-Medical Waste Management.
• COVID-19: Policies and Strategies in post COVID-19 era.

# Sustainable Development :
• Resource Efficiency, use of secondary Raw Materials.
• GHG, Low Carbon & Climate Change Issues in WM,
• CDM, Green Economy, Environmental & Health Impact.

# Swachh Bharat Mission and Cleanliness Movement :
• SBM Implementation, Modernization of toilets, Swachh City Survey.
• Wastewater treatment & Recycling. Fecal Sludge Management.

# Current Status & Implementation of WM :
• Solid & liquid Waste Management, End-of-life of vehicles (ELV).
• Bio Degradable Waste Treatment.
• Industrial Wastes, Waste Mngt. in Mines, Railways, Steel Plant, Airport.
• Plastics Waste, E-Waste, C&D, Bio-medical & Hazardous Waste, Valorisation
• Best Practices, PPP Models, Case Studies, Community Participation.
• Earthquake Engineering & Disaster Waste Management
• Marine Littering & Micro Plastics; coprocessing of waste.
• Energy Recovery : WtE, Bio-methanation, Plasma, Biological, Chemical & Biochemical Treatment, Bio-fuels and Bi-energy production.
• Landfills (& leachate), Composting, Recycling, Special Processes
• Waste Management in smart cities; Urban and Rural Management, Waste Management in Real Estate, High Rise Building & Housing Complex.
• Integrated waste management, Zero Waste Management & Employment Generation, Community Involvement.
• Agricultural and Agro-Industry Waste Management, Biomass Supply Chain.
• Capacity building; Best Practices in Small Towns, Fleet Management & GPS.

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